I See You

Hi love,

I see you. 

I am El Roi (the God who sees you). 

Remember last week when you were so overwhelmed, apologizing over and over for that one thing you felt you failed so hard at? And the enemy was doing what he does best, scratching an open wound… Well, I wasn’t about to let him have his way. The very thing you felt small in, embarrassed of, is the very thing someone praised you for. In fact, you INSPIRED them by what you did. I chuckled to myself when your face lit up with reassurance. I see you darling, I see you.

You can keep counting on me. Pay attention: as specifically as you have been wounded, that is how specific my healing is for you. Some days it will feel like poetry, because I don’t miss a beat.

I am a God of detail. I notice everything. There is so much depth in each of my children. They will fascinate my heart for all of eternity. I never grow tired or bored of you. You might wonder how I could possibly find you interesting if I know everything there is to know about you. I think that’s where the Kingdom needs to break through into this seeming human mystery. Sometimes humanity devalues the familiar. They want what is shiny and new. They can so easily get disenchanted, even by miracles themselves. The secret of the Kingdom is, however, the more you know someone, the more you love them. To be fully loved is to be fully known. And who knows you more than I do?

Child, I see you. I see your situation. I see your heart. I see your relationships. Your fears, your dreams. I see your hopes, I see your scars. I see your list of “I needs” and “I wants”. I see you and I know you.

I am not confused by you. You try so hard to explain yourself and your life to others. Some get it, some don’t and stare blankly while you shrivel up because you feel so out of place or misunderstood. But I, beautiful one, I am not confused by you, nor am I overwhelmed. I look at you with glistening hope and excited expectation. For I know just exactly where and how and why you are. You are a dream of mine wrapped up in a human body, so how could I look at you any other way, except with extravagant hope?

When you don’t know what to pray, how to articulate yourself, or when you simply have no words left, I have Jesus, heaven’s darling, interceding on your behalf. He faithfully fights battles for you. And when Jesus prays, when My Jesus makes declarations… sigh, …it is a sight to behold. It is a sound to be enamored by.

Can I tell you something, love? Even as I have no rival, no competition, neither do you. Everything I am and have, you are and have access to. There is no competition for you. No one compares to you. I see you wondering and worrying if I had time to access your life’s needs today, as if I could get preoccupied with someone else. I assure you, that isn’t even possible. I am never distracted. You are always the main event. You always have my full attention.

Like a mother who gazes at her new born, like a husband who gets lost in his wife’s face on their wedding day, so steady is my gaze upon you. When you enter in a room, I stand up, take you in- and every time I say, “What an incredible masterpiece, …my precious, beloved…”

I am El Roi (the God who sees you).

Love, Papa.

Mark 6:4 | Isaiah 49:16 | Romans 8:26 -27 | Psalm 139: 7-12 | Ephesians 2:18 | Colossians 1:12 | Luke 12:7