You Have No Rival

Sweet child,

I remember the day you were born.  I remember the very first time you opened your eyes.

You were helpless. You were fragile. You couldn’t do a thing on your own. My love for you is and was uncontainable. We called for a celebration. All of heaven delighted over you with singing and rejoicing, for we knew just exactly how much destiny was placed inside your tiny body.

One day you will hear the choirs and celebrations of the saints and angels and know the depth of rejoicing over one human life, and all because heaven simply echos the songs of the Son. For the Son is also the Lamb, and the Lamb decided long before creation, the value of humanity. If we know the value of something by what we are willing to pay for it, what does it say about the value of a human life if the Lamb gave payment of Himself? Yes my love, inside Christ, your value is eternally fixed. Inside Christ, you forever have a chamber inside God.

Since the day you were born there has been no one, not on any corner of the earth nor in any generation that has fulfilled the role you were born to fill. There is no one like you. You have no rival and no competition. You steal my breath away uniquely. Yes, I love all my children with the same perfect love, but not in the same ways. Each of you evoke unique emotions out of me. 

Just as there is a loneliness and inner chamber inside every human heart that only I can fill, what my children tend to forget in their false humility is that inside of me, so is there also a place reserved only for the one; for the individual. There is a chamber inside me that only you can fill. There is room inside me for every son and daughter. 

If my children would stay close enough to hear my affections for them they would stop trying to find affirmation from all the lesser gods. They would stop beating themselves up for all the ways they don’t measure up to the world’s standards of greatness and caving under meaningless pressure they place on themselves.  It breaks my heart when I see sons and daughters defining my goodness, or my love for them based on circumstance, or comparing their lives to others who have completely different assignments than they do. It grieves me when my children decide that when they see breakthroughs in other people’s lives while they remain in the waiting, that all of a sudden they are forgotten.

How can I forget you? Does a once mangled, bloodied and crucified King so easily forget the future-bride He gave everything up for? Did the God-head agree to the value of humanity by paying the ultimate price (there is no higher price that could possibly be paid) to simply forget?

How could I forget you?

How many countless hours do my children spend monitoring, assessing, evaluating each other’s lives and accomplishments? I despise this demonic trap of comparison that is a mindset fueled by lies. Any thought you have that brings about a sense of hopelessness or fear is a lie. And guess what? Fear is always a dead end, but truth is an open door. If you feel stuck it’s because you have been suppressing the ministry of my Spirit who wants to enlighten you with the mind of Christ. Don’t believe the lies of the evil one that confuse you about your worth and identity. If I tell you what you are worth, agree with Your Father. I am the one who made you. I’m the only one who actually knows your value. The only one.

My love, in a world that defines success by the size of one’s public platform, following, or financial status, the reality is, the approval of man and the treasures of this world will never satisfy. If they could, the most wealthy, famous and powerful people of this world would also be the most flourishing of humans, but instead they are often the most corrupt, lifeless, and empty. The way of the Christ is a road of suffering, surrender and submission. Man’s spirit does better with these things than it does with being the object of people’s worship. When man experiences gain and increase because of selfish ambitions, the weight of sustaining these successes crushes them. Outside of my increases and purposes for you, you will not carry any role or responsibility well. It is the kindness of a Father to not give you more influence or opportunities than what your character can handle. Every intention I have for you is to bring about your wholeness. I only have good thoughts and good plans for you.

I am looking for a pure bride, and I go out of my way every time to set you up for true success.

Sweet one, instead of comparing yourself to others and falling into the same traps as those around you do, pave a new road. Call out greatness in your brothers and sisters. Remind them who they really are. It is not wrong for people to desire greatness and purpose. These are natural and God-given aspirations. The problem lies within the way people have defined greatness.

Greatness in the Kingdom is a life fully surrendered to God. Greatness in the Kingdom is a King who chooses to wash the feet of servants.

Live up to your name, sweet child. There is great destiny in you, and you will only find and understand it inside of me. Your value was always attached to your identity as child of mine. There is no need to strive or prove your worth to me, for I was resolved on this issue, long, long ago. 

Love, Papa.

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