Made of LIght

Radiant one,

Don’t you forget, in the darkest of nights, You, my glorious star, are made of light. It’s your very essence.

When I think about all the ways darkness is being driven out of this world, I think of you. I think of my children. I am the Father of lights, and if you are born of me, Light is what you are also made of.

Do not be discouraged. You are not powerless.

Do you need proof? Take a candle into a dark room. Take a flashlight out into the night. You will always see light’s pathway. Even the tiniest flame is victorious every time. Even one, lonely, single match, can take on an entire cave. Try it. You’ll see. The darkness frantically hurries away. It cannot stand the light. So you see, there really is no competition. Where there is light, darkness has no power.

Remember who you are. Remember the power within.

Do not feel insignificant. Do not forget how the wanderers and the prodigals find their way home. Glimmering one, You magnificently and furiously burn bright, inviting those who have lost their way to the candle in the window, to the fire at the campground, to the lighthouse at sea. When you shine, the weary, the hopeless, the orphans stop to notice. They curiously and secretly long to come close, ever wondering why they are drawn to you.

They are drawn because the orphan heart is always aching for the Father, because no one has ever told them, they too belong to the Light.

Brave one, no one can take away your spark, your glow. It’s sealed on the inside. You are untouchable.

This light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, and all my children together as they imitate their Father, will teach the blazing galaxy itself, just how infinite and powerful Light truly is.

Love, Papa.

Philippians 2: 14 – 15 | James 1:17 -18 | Matthew 5:6 | John 1:5 | 1 John 1:5-7 | John 12:36 | 1 Peter 2:9 |