Worship is Your Weapon

Hi love,

I know there has been a lot on your mind lately, and you feel the weight of having so much to get done, with so many loose ends to tie up. On top of that, there has been grief in your heart that you have not yet been able to process. How do you balance being strong for those who need you, and yet also continue to be honest about your own needs? How do you live with vivacious joy and expectation when it feels like every time you praise or pray there is no breakthrough and everything remains as is?

Or does it?

I would suggest to you that reality only seems unchanged when you worship. The truth is, every time my children call upon my name chains are broken and the atmosphere changes.

Every time.

In case no one has told you lately, you are doing an amazing job. Do not diminish how brave you have been during this difficult season, nor the size of the battle you wake up to every morning (with the most difficult being the battlefield of the mind). I see you choosing worship over worry. I see you making the conscience decision each day, sometimes hour to hour, or minute to minute, to offer up praise, thanksgiving and worship instead of agreeing with all the hopeless, lifeless and negative people around you. I see you holding your ground and choosing to elevate things that are true, good, and lovely when others are quick to share gossip or headlines filled with despair.

Anyone who thinks following my son, the Christ, is easy, has taken their eyes off of the cross. Before the resurrection comes death, and far too many people have not yet experienced a death to themselves, and therefore carry no resurrection authority. So when it feels like each day something is dying, and that raising a hallelujah feels like an ever growing sacrifice, and yet you do it anyways, count it joy. For you will also witness the glorious power of the new day. I will raise you up myself, for I delight in exalting the humble.

The future of the earth belongs to worshipers. Your songs, your anthems of praise are eternal and they will always accomplish their purpose. There is not one word you could sing out or declare that will return back to you void, or empty of promise. Some of the breakthroughs in your own life are the results of songs and prayers that were sung decades, even centuries before you were even born. Please understand my sweet child, the power of your praise is mightier than an atomic bomb; it is far more destructive and threatening to the powers of darkness than any kind of blow they could attempt to reciprocate. The enemy is terrified of the bride of Christ uniting in worship; for it is the weapon and strategy of heaven itself. Day and night, night and day the saints and angels, all the elders are gathered around my throne singing anthems and declaring what is true about me. There is no room, not even the tiniest crack or crevasse available for doubt. Heaven is perfectly confident. Heaven is the place where my will is always done. This is why I invite my children to pray “on earth, as it is in heaven…”, for my worshipers, co-laboring with Jesus will bring this reality into existence in full, one day, forever. This is the day all creation groans for.

The world has learned war and has learned to fight nation against nation, brother against brother. The world has gotten good at using physical weapons of destruction. But when my Son was born, reincarnated upon this earth, together we waged the war against war. We exposed the demonic lie that the enemy is flesh and blood (that the enemy is human). The enemy has always been the invisible powers of darkness, and worship has always been the only infallible weapon. Oh, how demons love to cover up their arrows and darts with human faces, so that people remain in bondage, slaves to their sin, aiming their blows at precious image bearers of me. But worship exposes the counterfeit, for the darkness is no match for the light. All that is hidden, all that is done in secret will be revealed.

Worship is agreement with heaven, and it is always 100% true. So if the truth sets you free, well then, keep praising. In every single circumstance. This is how my children do war. With praise. This is how you fight your battles.

What would have happened if Paul and Silas tried to escape from prison with their own tactics? They would have missed out on one of history’s most extraordinary worship services and the opportunity to show those in bondage behind jail bars and those guarding outside, the power of the Almighty. They would have missed a crucial opportunity to encourage the early church in one of it’s most vulnerable moments, with this testimony of my faithfulness.

What would have happened if my Jesus, had waged war like the world does, exterminating all those who came against Him? What if He had refused the cross? I’m sure you can imagine…

But he didn’t. Instead, his life is the greatest worship song ever written, it is the very reason why your worship has power, and why you, my dear, have a home inside God.

I know you feel weak at times, and insignificant, but close your eyes. Ask me to show you how I see you. In the spirit world you are a giant of giants, and you are greatly feared.

Oh sweet one, I, the Lord your God, am looking for worshipers. Will you continue to raise up a generation of people who understand how to handle this kind of authority?

I am so deeply proud of you. Thank you for your loves songs. I hold every single one. Remember to take time to hear me singing back, over you.

Love, Papa.

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