Remember that I Love You

My child,

Remember that I love you. Above everything else, in the midst of all the “whys”, in the midst of circumstances not “adding up”, or “everything-feels-out-of-control”, it is not. Don’t forget that I am infinitely wise and perfectly capable of using everything that has been thrown at you, for your good.

Love, do you know that I care about your well being, your joy, and your future more than you do? When you think I have forgotten you, can you try and remember that I paid much too high a price to just “forget” you?

To the degree you fear, is to the degree you don’t believe that I am good, or that I love you. You are perfectly loved. You couldn’t be more loved. Perfect love casts out fear. That is my promise.

My beautiful one, I have built you strong. You don’t even know how strong sometimes until you’re in the middle of a hurricane and life is “falling apart”. But let the storm prove to you just how strong you are. Strong because I AM, and I am in you.

In a world that is loud and pulls you in a million directions, your greatest need my darling, the one that you don’t actually verbalize enough because you think your needs are something else, your greatest need is to know you are loved. At the core of every hurt is a lie that comes against love. But you are loved. You always have been. You always will be.

Love, Papa.

Scripture reading: 1 John 4:18 | John 17:23 | Romans 8:32 | Romans 11:33 | Isaiah 49:15-16