You’re Going to Be Okay

My darling,

You’re going to be okay, and it’s going to be okay.

I am your Father. I am perfect love, and I am not unaware of how to take care of you. I made you.

Your job is to be a child; to play, run, sing. You’re the one whose heart is supposed to be light as a feather, the one who knows how to laugh, one who gives generously without any concept of lack or ‘not enough”. You’re the one who loves without caution because it’s the only love you know, because you have been Fathered by me.

Be a child, a child whose imagination is not interrupted by comparison, fear, opinion or reason.

Remember when the world was once magical to you?

You say, “But Papa, I’m older now. The world is a cold, dark place. The world is not safe. It’s broken…”

Ahh, broken yes, but only because it is in process. Would I dare abandon what I start? Would I order something I could not pay for? When you can’t love yourself or get it right, do I walk out on you? No, you know it’s not in my nature. I am faithful to finish. I am faithful to complete my work, in this world, even in you, sweet love.

To the orphan I became a Father. To a dark world I became Light.

Light has come my dear, and the light now lives in you. You carry all authority in your voice, in your words, in your touch. You enter a room and angels sing and dance around you and people change from lifelessness to joy and they don’t know why.

So speak life to your sorrow. Tell your despair it must go. It has to go. For you are not your own, you belong to me, and no child of mine is going to be a slave to fear.

If you could see you the way I see you, if you could see your life the way I see your life, you would know: you’re going to be okay.

Love, Papa.

Scripture reading: Philippians 1:6 | Matthew 5:14-16 | Galatians 4:6 | Ephesians 5:2 | 1 John 4:18