Dear Reader,

My prayer is that through reading these Spirit-lead and imagined exchanges between you and Papa, walls will start to come down and you will experience His love heal even the most secret wounds. May you come to know His kindness in increasingly deeper ways.

The most comforting thought I have in this life, is that at my core, I am His daughter. Above all else, my identity is that I am His kid—perfectly loved and held by Him—and He is my Father, my Abba… my Papa.

May the beautiful truth of Papa’s affection for you, sustain your every moment.




I See You

Hi love, I see you.  I am El Roi (the God who sees you).  Remember

Joy Looks Good On You

Beautiful one, Yesterday when you were driving down the road, singing at the top of

Keep Going

 My love, You did it. You made it through the day. In case you didn’t